A bubble bath day ;-)

Ok, so I have just bathed my dog:-) I used a sample purple shampoo given by my dog hairdresser. This violet shampoo removes the stains from her grey hair. There are also such shampoos for women, who dye their hair blond, to get rid of the unattractive yellowish shade. Yorkshire Terriers need regular bathing to keep them looking good. I try to bathe her at least twice a month, but once a week is recommendable. When you bathe a Yorkie you should be careful and try not to apply shampoo directly on the coat, I believe this can cause some irritation, it is always better to dilute shampoo in your hands or in a basin. Check the temperature of water with your hand/arm, it should be warm, but not hot! Netplaces.com
Instead of rubbing the hair in circles, use your fingertips to clean down to the skin, then hold a section of hair between your hands and slide out from the body to the end of the hair, bringing the shampoo along the hair.
Rinsing is also very important, you should do this carefully in order to avoid troublesome skin soreness:
Any soap left on the dog will dry the skin and coat and cause irritation. Be sure you thoroughly rinse the belly and between the legs.
At the end simply wrap your dog in a towel:-)
You can use a regular hair dryer if it has a low-heat setting.
However, when it is warm like today, I prefer her hair to dry naturally. Here you will find some advice on how to bathe a Yorkie puppy: Pets.thenest.com Here a good Youtube video How to bathe a Yorkie Here another Youtube video:Bathing Orius Maybe I should also make a video? :-)


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